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Mission Statement:  Providing the highest level of science based performance enhancement has been my motivating factor for over twenty years. FlexBuilding™ programs that increase the quality of life of an injured senior and improve the peak performance of a high level athlete is what drives us to continue creating.

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Strong flexible muscles support weakened joints and promote stability and balance for a lifetime of pain free, healthy movement.


My FlexBuilding™ rehabilitation program is the only full range of motion stretching with full range of motion isokinetic rehab/workout in the health market today. These programs are gentle enough for those with painful arthritis as well as high performance high school, college and professional athletes.

FlexBuilding™ was developed from Physio-Therapy(PNF) Proprioceptive NeuroMuscular Facilitation. The difference is PNF is stretching with isometric contraction.


FlexBuilding™ is a full range of motion stretch with a full range of motion isokinetic resistance. FlexBuilding has been developed for all major muscle groups to increase strength, speed and power as well as rehabilitate those same muscles from injury.


Athletes who have been using FlexBuilding™ for the past 20 years have found not only improvements in their sport but are not getting injured and recovering faster if injured.

Most people I speak with desire improved flexibility. Equally as important strength needs to be developed in the newly acquired range. FlexBuilding™ accomplishes this dramatically.


Philip Ameris Tae Kwon Do expert states "FlexBuilding™ gives me speed and strength in my strikes"

Bob Thomas; World's Strongest Cop with a world record of a 405lbs bench press for 30 reps states. "FlexBuilding™ gives me a different kind of strength than weights alone and has kept me strong and injury free.

Margaret: 82yrs. young had constant pain while walking until FlexBuilding™ gave her back the spring in her step.

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